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Features of MagicPod - For efficient and cost effective App testing -

MagicPod is an evolving platform. We can say this not only because our team shares the same values and goals to make app testing easier for everybody, but also because one of the features MagicPod offers is AI powered self-healing; the more tests you run the better results, and this can be done with minimal effort. You can run the automated test while working on other areas, and not only will you get a test report, AI will assist you in correcting bugs and errors!

Other prominent features of MagicPod include:

  1. Simple and intuitive design
  2. Straight forward and concise test script 
  3. Zero set-up required - its cloud based; you load the app you want test on MagicPod and immediately start testing.
  4. AI powered self healing - more test better results
  5. No-Coding required for app testing – non-engineers can also design, run, edit App tests

Check-out the features section of our website for a full list! We are confident it will assist all App makers to a faster, easier app release cycle!

Our goal at MagicPod is to help you with app testing - we want to create a world where app testing is fast, efficient and automated. We want all app makers to give the best apps to your clients by testing them easily. We hope all app makers to be able to release their ideas to the world, as seamlessly as possible.

Please visit to sign up for a free trial!