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Introducing MagicPod -An App Testing Automation Platform-


MagicPod - its all about Automating App Testing.  

Creating an App, for the most part is FUN. Coming up with ideas, going through the design, thinking of ways your app will impact your users life are factors anyone who has even partially been involved in the App making process experiences.

But one aspect of app creation that comes before you're almost there at the goal line- right before you are about to finalize your app and make it market ready- is cumbersome and time consuming. That process is App Testing.

Be it a cloud based app, mobile or web, the process of app testing, checking for bugs and errors, making sure your app - at worst - doesn't crash before your users get the experience you have well thought off, is a step you cannot prevent if you want to maximize customer loyalty. Be it a new app or an update; App Testing is a key process to make sure app creators work gets rewarded and your app users experience what you have envisioned.

Our goal at MagicPod is to help you with app testing - we want to create a world where app testing is fast, efficient and automated. We want all app makers to give the best apps to your clients by testing them easily. We hope all app makers to be able to release their ideas to the world, as seamlessly as possible.