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Why Automate app testing? (Part 1: Quality Assurance)

All app makers will understand the importance of Quality Assurance (QA).

Having a good QA process is vital for your app to reach its potential, and to assure customers that have the needs for your app are loyal to your service.

Quality assurance as important as it is, is a very tedious process of app testing, which requires expert knowledge, human capital, and most of all time. A practical solution to decrease costs and increase cycle of release to market, be it a new app or a regular update, would be to automate the testing process. Some well-known Pros of automated testing :

  • Scalable for larger mobile apps  
  • More cost-efficient for apps, over time 
  • Able to run multiple tests simultaneously 
  • Performs tedious tests that are demanding for manual testers

At MagicPod, we provide our clients with the best automated-app testing platform. Among other, MagicPod ha features such as no-code (tests can be set-up, checked, run by a non-engineer as well) and AI powered self-healing function (human errors in script and test will be self-healed by an evolving AI).

 Our goal at MagicPod is to help you with app testing - we want to create a world where app testing is fast, efficient and automated. We want all app makers to give the best apps to your clients by testing them easily. We hope all app makers to be able to release their ideas to the world, as seamlessly as possible.

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